Top Locksmith in Bakersfield Reasons Why Car Key is not Working

Do you have a car key issue that requires the attention of the locksmith in Bakersfield? There is one issue that has several reasons. When your car key isn’t working, there could be several reasons. You could be using another key for instance or the existing key is probably damaged. These could prompt you to go to a locksmith.

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According to the locksmith, here are all the reasons that could indicate that your car key isn’t working and requires to be replaced.


1. One of the biggest reasons to replace the key is because you have a damaged one. This could be because the key is broken or the pattern is bent. As a result, it doesn’t fit the lock. The poor handling or no maintenance could be reason that the key is damaged. Eventually, this can impact the performance of the key.

2. The locking system is yet another reason why your car key isn’t working. This means the existing key may not work in unlocking the lock. You cannot repair the locking system by yourself. That will require the hands of an expert. You might want to connect with the emergency locksmith in my area to help with the damages and repair the locking system. It will eventually increase the longevity of the car key.

3. In case you are using a key that didn’t come with your car, you might experience car lockout. It is also the reason that you are unable to unlock the car. You will need a locksmith immediately to work on the car key replacement. They will help you get a duplicate and two keys for the same lock. This will safeguard your car’s security in the future.

4. The modern cars don’t operate with a key. There are key fobs that require a transmitter or have a circuit. Your damaged circuit can eventually lead to lockout. You may face an issue with keying. In case of a damage to the fob, you might notice that you are locked out and need the specialization of the locksmith in Bakersfield.

5. Your car key not working could be a result of a non-functioning ignition cylinder. All the different components in your car work towards ensuring a smooth function. However, if the cylinder fails, it can lead to key failure. The cylinder failure could be due to poor maintenance or wear and tear. Eventually, the keyhole gets a lot of debris, which can stop the proper functioning.

6. If you are using key fob, you should ensure that the battery is charged. In case you need to replace the battery, you should keep an eye out for the same. However, if you’re the fob’s battery drains out, you might experience a car lockout. The car key will not function, and you need to call the emergency locksmith in my area.

7. If the door handles are not functioning properly or there are issues, this can lead to malfunction of the car key. Your car doors are in sync with the car key. You might want to get the handles checked regularly, and see if the faulty handle can result in lockout.

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