Things You Should Know Before Having Your Locks Changed

By the end of the write-up, you’ll have a better idea of when it’s a good idea to change the locks and when it’s better to use an alternative way to save time and money. Your doors at home are just as secure as those of theirs. It’s OK to change your locks if you’ve started to feel unsafe or like your privacy might be at risk. Keep reading because there are still many choices accessible to you if you want to change the locks on your home via a cheap mobile locksmith near me.

When It’s Time to Replace or Change Your Locks, What Should You Know First?

In Case of Key Loss or Theft

If you’ve misplaced the keys and can’t get in, you should change the locks right away. There will be no way for somebody to break into your house if you do it this way. To regain access once a key has been lost or misplaced, keying is a viable solution.

If you’ve misplaced the sole key to a lock, it’s time to get new locks installed everywhere through an expert locksmith in Bakersfield. You need the original key to the door in order to replace the locks, so if you’ve misplaced yours, you might want to look into replacing the lock.

Try Using Only One Key

Key search is a pain in itself. This is important because normal front door keys don’t function with the new locks on the back or side doors. It’s possible to have a single key for all your locks, including the garage door. New keying explains why all doors have identical locks.
Hence, manufacturers’ keying processes vary. Schlage makes door locks, for instance. This method lets you rekey them. Manufacturers may make the locks. After replacing several components, you must retest to get the key.

Superior Security Because Of The State-Of-The-Art Locking System

When a burglary occurs at a neighbour’s house, most people respond by upgrading their own security. Innovative new door locks improve home security and are simpler to install for everyone.

Some high-tech locks even have a keypad in addition to a code which only an expert locksmith in Bakersfield can help you to install. The conventional house key does not come with a matching keychain fob. This keypad needs to be set up to accept a numerical code in order to reset any of the new codes.

One way that cutting-edge technology is enhancing household safety is through the use of smart locks that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Any sensor will falsely read an open door if you change the locks on your home.

The Cost of New Locks

The price tag will go up if the locks cannot be easily replaced. Do-it-yourself projects can save you money.
Depending on the complexity of the lock, having a professional locksmith install it, from a cheap mobile locksmith near me, can add another $90-$100.


Changing a door’s lock is something a handy homeowner can perform in a few minutes. If you’re handy with a regular screwdriver, you shouldn’t need more than an hour to fix it. Both the assistance offered to customers and the procedures for setting up a new lock set are thorough.

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