6 Common Reasons Car Keys Get Stuck In Ignition


Car Keys Get Stuck In Ignition

Your car key is stuck and your frequent attempts of getting it out of the ignition are failing. It is one of the most annoying situations any vehicle owner has to face.

You reach your office and your car key refuses to obey you! This can happen to anybody.  It is frustrating because you cannot leave the keys in your car ignition. It is unsafe to leave the car unlocked.

If you are stuck in such a situation, don’t panic. Feel free to give us a call to hire affordable automotive locksmith. We are there to help you at any time of the day.

In order to avoid inconvenience, it is safe to have appropriate background knowledge about your automobile and especially the key. Here are the 6 common reasons car keys won’t come out of the ignition.

1. Jamming Of Keyway

A key should smoothly glide out of the ignition in normal conditions. Accumulation of dust and dirt can is a common sight. It can be due to some residues of oil or cleaner you may have used previously. Otherwise, the pollution in the surrounding air causes jamming of the keyway.

Scraps over the key can also be the culprits. If you have been using your car key to open seals and boxes lately there is a chance of craps of tape on it. Any kind of debris on the key can get stuck and be a nuisance.

Jamming Of Keyway of Car

2. Locking Of Steering Wheel

The ignition system of your car and steering wheel are well connected. If the steering wheel is locked then your ignition system will not allow the key out. It is a safety feature to ensure your car steering is not mishandled when a key is not in the ignition. If the key is intact and ignition is functioning then your steering wheel can be a reason of your discomfort.

3. Wrong Gear

It may seem a banal approach, but a wrong gear is often a cause of stuck key. A car key only slides out of the ignition when your car is in parking gear.

4. Dead Battery

You must be aware that the ignition system of any vehicle relies on a battery. If the car battery is unable to provide sufficient energy or is dead, the system can be locked. This can be a reason why car key is jammed.

Dead Car Batteries

5. Fault In Ignition Cylinder

A fault in the ignition cylinder is the trickiest issue. It is difficult to diagnose but often the basis of the above mentioned annoying situation.

6. A Broken Key

One of the most common reasons your key is stuck is it being broken or damaged. Sometimes an apparently minor fall or pressure at a wrong angle can cause key damage. It can get out of alignment or may break. The crack may not be visible but as it is inside the ignition it may split. You can depend on us for broken car key replacement in GA.