A Complete Cheap Locksmith Jacksonville’s Guide to Commercial Lock System

The commercial real estate needs to be as secure and well founded as the regular real estate solutions. It is important for the cheap locksmith Jacksonville to help determine the apt locking solutions to fit their needs.

Let’s look at what do we mean by commercial locking system.

• The commercial locking system comprises mechanical or electrical locks that can be used in offices, businesses, warehouses and other commercial real estate varieties. These are heavy grade locks that are known for convenience and durability. They can keep the commercial spaces secure. Even when they are used daily, they don’t wear and tear under pressure.
The commercial locks are graded for their functionality, application/use case, the security they offer, the durability and of course the number of cycles. Let’s understand what each grade in the commercial system means.

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1. Grade1
This is one of the strongest types of locks that are used in commercial complexes. They can enhance the security of the commercial spaces. It can last longer than your grade 2 or grade 3 locks. According to locksmith Jacksonville, you should opt for these locks when you intend to secure the space completely. They are the locks used in hospitals and schools.
2. Grade 2
The grade 2 locking system is a mid-range one that is equally secure and durable but is not as good as the grade 1 locking systems. If you have a commercial complex where you believe fewer people will enter, you can go with these locking systems. They are best used in storage spaces. You can also use it to store your inventory and inside the warehouses.
3. Grade 3
They are best suited for commercial purposes within residential buildings. You can use these locks on the security gates, the supply rooms etc. They are graded according to their function and use. they may wear out after a few uses and might need immediate replacement, according to the cheap locksmith Jacksonville.
Types of Commercial Locking Systems
• The mortise locks need the locksmiths to cut the door’s pocket to fit the lock. There are a few parts to this lock- the lock trim (also known as the lever or knob) and the strike plate, which is used to put the frame of the lock in place.
• The second type of commercial lock is the cylindrical lock. These are locksets are installed inside the door. they either have a knob or a lever. You can easily install these locks into the door using a drill.
• The electric strikes are a good replacement to the mechanical strikes. These electrical strikes are attached to the metal latches, and helps move the metal piece. You can use the electric strikes to trigger the keypads or wireless sensors, which then activate the locks to open/close.
• The magnetic locks are one of the finest commercial locks that comprise of electromagnet and the metal armature place. The electromagnet is present on the doorframe, while the plate is attached to the door. external device is used to trigger the locking system.

It is very important to choose a professional locksmith Jacksonville to help you install the perfect commercial lock for your real estate.

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